Q: What are FCCR’s store hours?

A: FCCR is open 6 days a week. All of our locations are open Monday thru Friday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  We are not open on Sundays.

Q: What kinds of repairs can FCCR perform?

A: FCCR repair technicians work on cell phones, tablets, and computers.   We are very experienced in iPhone repair, Samsung repair, HTC repair, iPod repair, iPad repair, PC repair, and Mac repairs. We will take a look at any smart device you bring to us.

Q: Can FCCR repair liquid damaged devices?

A: This is our specialty. FCCR can repair phone liquid damage, phones with a cracked screen, phones that won’t charge, and a host of other issues. Our recovery rate with liquid damaged devices is over 80%.

Q: Does the repair come with any kind of warranty?

A: All repairs, excluding water damaged devices, come with a ninety day warranty.

Q: Does the work that FCCR performs void the warranty on my device?

A: Yes; however, if the device has received any sort of physical or liquid damage then the manufacturer’s warranty is automatically void.

Q: What happens if I leave my device at FCCR for a long time?

A: If you leave your device with FCCR for more than 30 days, we will assume you are not interested in coming back for your item and we will recycle your gadget. We strongly encourage you to keep track of your smart device but some people do just leave it with us and never come back.

Q: Will any repair work performed by FCCR cause my data to become lost?

A: Nothing our FCCR technicians do will cause your data to become lost. In some cases, the damaged that your device received can cause your data to become lost.  We always recommend you backup your data prior to coming in!

Q: Can FCCR backup my phone’s data?

A: We do this for our customers all the time. Just come and see us.

Q: How much do I have to pay for shipping?

A: It is your responsibility to ship us the smart device. FCCR customers can choose the shipping method that best fits their needs. FCCR recommends that customers use a shipping method that includes a tracking number and insurance.

Q: How long can I expect it to take for the mail-in service?

A: It typically only takes 48 hours to repair a mailed-in device.

Q: Does the estimated price include parts and labor?

A: Yes, any estimated price we give to you includes both parts and labor.

Q: How do your prices compare to your competitor’s?

A: At FCCR, we focus on quality and value. We are not trying to be the low cost alternative. Rather, we are charging a fair price and ensuring a high quality repair with a great warranty. How expensive would it be to fix your smart device twice? FCCR does it right the first time.

Q: What will happen if I decide I no longer want to have my phone repaired?

A: If a customer declines to have their device repaired, they will be charged a $15 service fee. This fee can be waived if the customer decides to donate their device to recycling.

Q: Why should I trust FCCR?

A: FCCR has grown our business by customer referrals. Not only do we believe we have the best customer service in Arkansas, but we only use the best parts available to repair your devices!

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