Liquid Damage

What should I do if my Smart Phone gets wet?

First Class Cellular Repair has seen liquid damage in almost every possible manner. Whether the phone was dropped in the sink, swimming pool, lake, or toilet we have fixed it. Most people believe that putting their phone in a bag of rice will help to absorb moisture from within the device. FCCR does not believe that this works. Our technicians have had customers come in numerous times after placing their devices in rice for up to 48 hours, and when the phone was opened, water began dripping out. We have actually seen rice cause more damage because it tends to get stuck inside earphone jacks and charging ports. Below is our recommendation for what you should do if you get your phone wet.

  1. As soon as your phone gets wet, turn it off. If you can remove the battery, do this as well. If you are an iPhone user, power your device down immediately (The electrical current causes corrosion to form faster where the current is being sent.)
  2. If the phone has been subjected to a high concentration of salt water or any other matter that may be unsanitary we recommend that you run fresh water through the device. Salt water will corrode extremely fast and if it is left untreated it has a low percentage of survival.
  3. We highly recommend you get the device to a repair center so they can properly open the device and perform a liquid damage treatment. Note: Not all repair centers use the same liquid damage treatment. First Class Cellular Repair has developed our own proprietary treatment program that has proven results.
  4. If you decide not to take it to a repair center, we recommend putting the device under a fan and allowing the device to dry without electrical current flowing through for no less than 48 hours.
  5. Do NOT use any type of heat to assist in drying the device. This means do not use a hairdryer, oven, microwave, or putting it on the dash of your vehicle in the sun. Heat will cause steam which will also create corrosion. The device needs to air dry and this process takes time. (FCCR’s liquid damage treatment can speed up the process. We will completely disassemble the phone and we have a special chemical solution - not rubbing alcohol - that we use on the logic board to treat for corrosion. We then allow the phone to air dry while disassembled for 24 hours prior to reassembly.)
  6. If you are having additional problems such as your device not powering on, you may be in need of a battery or your device may have corrosion shorting out connections. (We can usually fix this!)